Ride Level Descriptions

Bike Rides Summer 2017

This summer, we are organizing our rides by experience level and riding ability so that we can better meet the needs of all bikers. Please read through the descriptions below to see which type of ride is best for you.

INDEPENDENT RIDES are for bike riders who …

  • Can transport their bike to the starting point for the ride
  • Average >10 mph for an hour or more
  • Are comfortable going up and down hills and riding on various road surfaces
  • Carry their own flat-tire kit, mobile phone, adequate water, snacks and medications 

NOTE: Independent Rides may begin at the Bike Shack or at various trailheads in the metropolitan area

ASSISTED RIDES are for bike riders who …

  • Have been fitted to a trike or tandem at an Introductory ride
  • Know which adaptations they need such as special pedals or seat harnesses
  • Know how to pedal, steer and brake
  • Are able to get on and off a trike or tandem
  • Know and follow the rules of the road
  • Are accompanied by a companion/caregiver as appropriate

INTRODUCTORY RIDES are by appointment for …

  • First time riders with Pedal and Roll who are new to trike or tandem riding
  • People who need to have a trike or tandem fitted, or who need help with determining adaptations such as special pedals or seat harnesses
  • People who may need mechanical support on the trail
  • People who need the help of a companion/caregiver to get on or off a bike, to use a restroom, etc.

NOTE: A Pedal and Roll mentor or a companion/caregiver must accompany bike riders on introductory rides

*Most bike rides start at the BIKE SHACK —located at Extra Space Storage 5051 HWY 7, St Louis Park