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Pedal and Roll: Changes and Plans for 2021

Pedal and Roll for Parkinson’s has changed its operations due to COVID-19.  At the same time, the LRT construction in Minneapolis has impacted the bike trails accessible to us for riding.  Our summer plan is to have group rides of 5-30 miles (round trip) from various locations.  Pedal and Roll has eight trikes for use on our rides.  If you are new to Pedal and Roll or recumbent trikes, we are offering trike fitting, instruction and orientation prior to our group rides.  And, if you can’t get your own trike to our group rides, we can help with the transportation.




Pedal and Roll is requesting donations for our events:

  • Group Ride $10
  • Borrowing Trike and a Group Ride $15
  • Trike Fitting, including Instruction, Orientation, and Group Ride $20
  • Transporting Trike and Group Ride $20



Come Ride with Pedal and Roll!


We’re riding again! Monday, June 14th:  meet at 9am at Liz’s home in Edina (if you don’t know the address, PM her).  We will ride the Nine Mile Creek Trail, approximately 10 miles.

Please RSVP by June 12th. 


Season 2021 Rides:  The weather is warming, the grass is greening up and we are planning our summer group rides!  Pedal and Roll has plans to ride 6 times this summer – 3 rides on Saturdays and 3 rides on weekdays.


Tuesday, May 18                     Friday, July 16 (rsvp July 13)

Saturday, June 5                    Saturday, August 7 (rsvp August 4)

Monday, June 14                    Saturday, August 21 (rsvp August 18)


First time trying out a Pedal and Roll trike?  Email Pedal and Roll to make an appointment for 9:30 on any of our group ride dates.  At the same time, make a $20 donation on our website to reserve your 90 minute session.   We will adjust the trike to your individual measurements, give instruction, take a short ride, and make any last minute adjustments.  We will also review riding safety and trail etiquette for our participants and companions.  Then join our group ride!  Companions should plan to ride their own bikes.  Reservation fee is non refundable within 48 hours of ride.

Need to borrow a trike?  If you’ve ridden our trikes before, can adjust it on your own, and are interested in riding one of our trikes on a group ride, reservations must be made at least 3 days in advance so we can arrange for the trike transport. Email Pedal and Roll to make a reservation and, if you have a preference, specify which trike you’d like.  At the same time, make a $15 donation on our website for the use of our trike, non refundable within 48 hours of ride.

Need help transporting your trike to the group ride? Request help with bike transportation by emailing Pedal and Roll at least 3 days in advance of ride and make a $20 donation on our website.   We will pick up trikes the day before and return them after the ride.  Cancellation policy:  non refundable within 48 hours of ride.

Need help getting to the ride location?  If you don’t have a way to get yourself to the place where we are riding, let us know.  We will help arrange carpools, if possible.

Watch our Facebook page for up-to-date events, current ride times and locations.



Come bike with us!

****Helmet, face mask when not pedaling, social distancing and full vaccination required for all rides.  No exceptions.****

Please RSVP by email Pedal and Roll

Cancellations and changes announced 2 hours prior to ride on Pedal and Roll’s Facebook page 


For general information: email Pedal and Roll • voicemail: 612-547-6550
Pedal and Roll is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization



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