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Visit our Facebook page for the most up-to-date information, opportunities to get together and get moving!  


Come Bike with Us!

2023 Summer Ride Schedule

Added ride:  Wednesday, May 31, 2023:  Next ride of the season.  Plan to arrive at 9am; ride departure time at 9:30am.  Contact Liz for details.

New Season! 2023 Scheduled Rides:  Pedal and Roll is currently scheduling nine rides, starting in May and running through September.  Additional impromptu rides may be added over the summer so keep watching our Facebook page for up to date information.

Current schedule for the 2023 season:                   

Wednesday, May 24                  Wednesday, August 16

Wednesday, June 14                Wednesday, August 30

Wednesday, June 28                Wednesday, September 13

Wednesday, July 12                 Wednesday, September 27

Wednesday, Aug 2                

Ride Arrival Time 9am, Ride Departure Time 9:30am; location details coming soon.

Please RSVP to Pedal and Roll.        


Why Ride with Us?

Research supports the finding that consistent and frequent exercise can combat the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.  People who stay physically active can improve their balance and coordination as well as their stamina, motivation and mood.


We have a small curated collection of bicycles that we use to educate people about three wheel riding. We believe in experiencing the trike so you can find out what special equipment or creature comforts you might want or need. 


Our goal is to help you become a trike rider by actually getting out there and riding.  So, please join us if you’re interested in riding or trying different kinds of trikes, or if you want an unbiased, experienced opinion on the best trike for you.

Best reason of all to join us:  We have loads of fun and enjoy each other’s company while reaping the benefits of exercise!


Keep watching our Facebook page for current and updated information.  


****Helmet required for all rides.  No exceptions.****


Cancellations and changes will be announced on Pedal and Roll’s Facebook page 2 hours prior to ride


Pedal and Roll is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization


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