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Come Bike with Us!

2024 Summer Ride Schedule


This is our 14th summer sharing the joy of riding three wheels with our friends who live with Parkinson’s.  We have a small, carefully researched collection of trikes that are balance-friendly, comfortable for your back, seat, neck, and wrists.  They are stable around corners, and smooth to ride.  Pedaling and being outdoors are important to your physical and mental health! 

Biking Season Opens Wednesday May 15, 2024: After attending an orientation, you can reserve a trike for a single ride or for a group of rides.  Reservations are first come first serve.  All riders: Please RSVP to Pedal and Roll.  **If you have not ridden in a while, or want to try an E trike, please  schedule an appointment for a trike fitting.


2024 RIDE SCHEDULE:  Our guided trike ride day will be Wednesdays.  We gather at 9 to 9:15am at Liz’s house.  We will depart about 9:30 and return by noon.  As we get faster at getting our trikes ready, we’ll leave earlier and pedal farther.  We’ll take excursions to new trails.

Ride Dates –  May and June:                   

Wednesday, May 1                  Wednesday, June 5

Wednesday, May 15                Wednesday, June 12

Wednesday, May 22                Wednesday, June 19

Wednesday, May 29               


Ride Dates –  July and August:                   

Wednesday, July 3                  Wednesday, August 7

Wednesday, July 10                Wednesday, August 14

Wednesday, July 17               Wednesday, August 21

Wednesday, July 24                Wednesday, August 28

Wednesday, July 31              


Ride Dates –  September and October:                   

Wednesday, September 4                  Wednesday, October 2

Wednesday, September 11                Wednesday, October 9

Wednesday, September 18                Wednesday, October 16

Wednesday, September 25                 Wednesday, October 23


Please RSVP to Pedal and Roll.  Specific details for each ride provided upon RSVP. 


First! Schedule a Trike Fitting – By appointment:  Pedal and Roll.  If you have not ridden in a while, or want to try an E trike, this appointment is especially important.


Personal Safety – Remember your helmet, it is required to ride.  (We have a few loaners’).  Also remember your water bottle, your medications, and some money.  


How Do We Do It?

We have fabulous volunteers who want to share their love of biking adventure with you.  Volunteer mechanics and ride leaders keep our expenses super low.  

We are an official 501(c)3 and accept donations.  This year we have received financial support from several individuals and from the Mike Justak Foundation for Parkinson’s Disease.  Thank you for keeping us rolling!


Why Ride with Us?

Discover that the sport of cycling is still within reach.

Learn trail safety and etiquette, and gain knowledge of the vast trail system available locally.  We ride dedicated bike trails, using roads only as connections between trails.

Access quality cycles without having to purchase or store a trike.

Enjoy the support/friendship of other People with Parkinson’s.  Riding together builds community, confidence, and stamina.

Research supports the finding that consistent and frequent exercise can combat the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.  People who stay physically active can improve their balance and coordination as well as their stamina, motivation and mood.

We have a small curated collection of four 3 wheel e-trikes (electric assist) and 4 human powered 3 wheel trikes that we use to (re)introduce PwP to the fun and freedom of outdoor cycling. We believe in experiencing the trike so you can find out what special equipment or creature comforts you might want or need. 

Our goal is to help you become a trike rider by actually getting out there and riding.  So, please join us if you’re interested in riding or trying different kinds of trikes, or if you want an unbiased, experienced opinion on the best trike for you.

Best reason of all to join us:  We have loads of fun and enjoy each other’s company while reaping the benefits of exercise!


Keep watching our Facebook page for current and updated information.  


****Helmet required for all rides.  No exceptions.****  

Our trikes have pedal straps which are required for riding unless you have bike shoes that will clip into our SPD pedals.


Cancellations and changes will be announced on Pedal and Roll’s Facebook page 2 hours prior to ride


Pedal and Roll is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization


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